NZ announce first 789 route

Perth is the winner with Air New Zealand announcing its first route with the Boeing 787-9 will be AKL-PER in October next year.

Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon made the announcement at the official opening of the airline’s Customer Innovation and Collaboration Centre in Auckland today. A feature of the centre is the only Boeing 787-9 full cabin interior outside the factory in Seattle.

The cabin mock-up has outlined how Air New Zealand will outfit its interior with 302 seats in a 3 class layout.  18 lie flat Business Premier seats, 21 Premium Economy seats and 263 economy seats.  All seats feature a new entertainment system which is slimmer and has a higher resolution than that on the 773.

‘We’ve taken advantage of new inflight entertainment hardware and that’s allowed us to introduce new monitors and also allowed us to slim down the back of the seat considerably from those which have had inflight entertainment. (in the past) That allows much more personal space.”

Air New Zealand program director Kerry Reeves with in flight service manager Priyanka Girish
Photo / Dean Purcell /nzherald

Read more on the new 789 cabin and the first flights to PER at Air New Zealand’s Flying Social Network HERE or the nzherald HERE

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VH-VKA nears home

With Jetstar’s first Boeing 787-8 VH-VKA set to touch down on Australian soil tomorrow its a great time to showcase an awesome video from Boeing (via of the aircraft coming together.

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1st Flights


Two new aircraft for local airlines have recently had their first flights.  Both are new Boeing 787 aircraft VH-VKA a 787-8 for Jetstar and N789EX (to be ZK-NZC with Air New Zealand) the first Boeing 787-9

photo via Airchive .com

VH-VKA took to the air for the first time on Saturday 14-September-2013 at 16:40 local time on a 1hr 33min flight to/from Moses Lake.  Read more from Australian Aviation HERE or HERE

photo Boeing via Australian Aviation

The first Boeing 787-9 has taken to the air as part of the Boeing test/certification program for the model.  The frame will become ZK-NZC the third 787-9 to be delivered to Air New Zealand in 2015 after it has finished its Boeing test program. The 789 departed Everett this morning (17-September-2013 local) at 11:02 and performed a five hour flight testing the aircraft’s systems and structures.

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NZ regional changes

In what appears to be a common trend Air New Zealand is slashing more 1900D services with AKL-MRO and WLG-WAG being cut, and AKL-ROT going to Q300 for morning services.

This follows in the footsteps of earlier changes including a morning Q300 service on the WLG-BHE route replacing two1900D services.  The extra Q300 capacity is due to the new ATR 72-600s being introduced to several Q300 routes.

The Auckland to Masterton route ends in February 2014, while the Wellington to Wanganui service ends in December this year.

Blaming uneconomic operations and lack of demand, Air New Zealand executives told Wairarapa mayors today the service from Masterton Airport would cease from February 5.

In scuttlebutt around the internet there is word that Air New Zealand subsidiary Eagle Air is looking to sell 8 of their 1900D fleet but this is yet to be substantiated by any proof.

The main article for this on the NZ Herald website appears to have been removed despite being a trending topic and most read story with the links returning you to the home page, however the article can still be seen at the Wairarapa Times-Age site HERE (which itself is a subsidiary of the NZ Herald)

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JQs 1st 787


Jetstar’s first Boeing 787-8 VH-VKA rolled out of the Boeing paint shop late last week and they posted pics of it to their flickr account

Our first Boeing 787 in its Jetstar livery by Jetstar Airways, on Flickr

Our first Boeing 787 in its Jetstar livery by Jetstar Airways, on Flickr

Our first Boeing 787 in its Jetstar livery by Jetstar Airways, on Flickr

Our first Boeing 787 in its Jetstar livery by Jetstar Airways, on Flickr

 See more pics on the Jetstar Flickr page

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787-9 roll out

Image Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren via

Boeing have rolled out the first 787-9 from their hanger, and while this is not technically Australian/New Zealand news, its getting a mention here in NZ Aviation Notes as once the testing program is complete this aircraft will arrive in the Air New Zealand fleet.

Boeing expects this first 787-9 to make its inaugural test flight next month, and says that many lessons from the production of the 787-8 have been fed into the evolution of the -9.

I cannot wait to see this bird in one of the new Air New Zealand liveries previously mentioned on this blog (HERE)

The anticipation of the launch of the 787-9 by NZ grows with every passing day.  Read the full article by Australian Business Traveller editor David Flynn HERE

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NZ 789 routes

On their blog (theflyingsocialnetwork) Air New Zealand have announced the routes and seating for their new Boeing 787-9’s

Air New Zealand is the launch customer for the 787-9, the first of which is due to roll off the production line at Boeing in Seattle next month. Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon says the 787-9 is a game changer for the airline.

As expected they will predominantly replace the Boeing 767-319s on Shanghai, Papeete and Honolulu, but they will also replace the Boeing 777-219 on Tokyo and Perth.

The interior will feature almost 4 tiers of seating with Business, Premium Economy which will be known as business-lite, 16 rows of skycouch then economy.

• In the Premium Economy cabin the airline has worked with US seat designer Zodiac on a customised seat best described as Business-lite. This comfortable ink coloured luxury leather seat will have a 41” pitch, a generous 5” wide armrest and a leg rest and extendable foot support which will allow passengers to really stretch out and relax.

Read more about the new seating arrangements on theflyingsocialnetwork HERE

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